Destiny 2 on xbox. Season of the Haunted Begins

The Leviathan is back. For some it may be the first introduction to the legendary luxury vessel of the exiled Cabal Emperor, Calus. For those who have been there previously, we hope you remember fondly the sparkling gold-plated halls because this vessel has come home… incorrectly. Absolutely wrong.

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Season of the Haunted kicks off with Derelict Leviathan entering our solar system and heading towards Moon Earth. As it approaches it’s dormant Pyramid ship that lies on the moon’s surface begins to respond to its presence.

Getting worried? We’d like to think so, as Guardian is where you fit to us, Guardian.

Find out why the Leviathan’s returning and what Calus would like to do to accomplish with this Pyramid ship, while battling Nightmares from the past. We recommend that you stay close to your team and not losing yourself inside the ships Underbelly and focus on positive thoughts about god-rolls and sparkling Opulent Chests.

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Although this could be among the most frightening seasons within The Destiny 2‘s past Guardians have fought against gods in the past so it isn’t something you’re unable to take on.

All Aboard

Everyone is invited to explore the Derelict Leviathan, which contains multiple areas filled with Loyalist Cabal, Scorn, Nightmares, loot and collectibles. Additionally, there are two new activities in Season of the Haunted—also aboard the Leviathan. One is named Nightmare Containment and can be played for free all Season long, and another named Sever which is unlocked (with a bunch of other cool stuff) by picking up the Season Pass. Regardless of which activity you play, expect to find yourself severing Nightmares and looting new Seasonal rewards.

Nightmare Containment

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As a change from prior Seasonal events, Nightmare Containment is a totally free event for the public that is open to all. It’s unique because it is scalable based on the number of participants who take part. Players can start a new event in the public realm or take part in a Nightmare Containment when they spot one in process. Because it is a game that increases difficulty in terms of summoned enemies, the enemies and Nightmare bosses will always be appropriately demanding.


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Sever is the weekly quest in Season of the Haunted. The players will learn more and more about Calus’s plot as the Season progresses. The game is carried out on the Leviathan however, it is located in the dark labyrinth that is that is known as the Underbelly. Anyone who is familiar with the area of the ship may recall the navigation skills that it required, but now imagine there’s something that is in the darkness that is with you.

It’s not a match-made activity however we’re not going to blame those who prefer to bring someone else… perhaps two.



Now, despite the Leviathan losing some of its luster, the rewards in Season of the Haunted are just as fancy as you’d expect. Possibly even fancier!

  • A brand-new Exotic The Destiny 1’s Exotic Sidearm, Trespasser, famous for its ability to shoot unrepentant rounds, is now updated to work with Destiny 2 and has a new catalyst to connect. Like other Seasonal Exotics, you can purchase this through playing or purchase an Season Pass and be one of the first players that introduce the Derelict Leviathan into the world of Lightning.
  • Obscure weapons – A selection of the most sought-after weapons from Calus’s collection are returned and are located inside the Opulent Chests aboard the Leviathan. When in Rome.
  • new Seasonal weapon sets and armour new Nightmare-themed weaponry along with Seasonal armour sets designed for Guardians who are brave enough to venture out on an unidentified planet-destroying vessel.
  • New universally-designed ornaments If you’re looking to put on something which will make your fire team more fearsome than the foes that you’re fighting, you should consider this. This is the way to become the reaper from Nightmares.

Solar 3.0

Solar is the latest subclass to be completely redesigned to use the ultra-customizable Aspects and Fragments system. This is the system that was first introduced with Stasis in Beyond Light and was added to Void last Season. It’s perfect timing as well, since my guess is that setting Nightmares on fire might actually be the best way to handle the situation.

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It’s a no-cost upgrade available to all users and every class has their own unique fantasy, with several possibilities for building after you sign into. I’m an avid Hunter for life however, I’d lie if told you that the Solar Warlock did not sound cool. Which one of these piques your interest?

  • Titan Siege engines that are powered by the power of the sun’s endless energy. To fight them is to surrender ground and unleash the raging tidal wave that destroys everything.
  • Hunter Astonishing duelists who are surrounded by blinding display of skill and dexterity. Be aware of their goal and the hot sharp edge they have.
  • Warlock Join these priests of incandescent light and discover the way to restore. Beware of them and witness destruction in the gloom of a broken dawn.

Scary Good Timing

Boarding the Leviathan (one of my favorite places in Destiny 2 ) to fight Nightmares using a fiery scythe and a new Solar 3.0 build might be the most perfect way I’ve ever thought to start playing Destiny 2 .

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Start downloading the game and playing for free , or purchase The Season Pass and get everything you learned about and more. If you choose you want to participate in Season of the Haunted, thank you for filling in my fireteam and making me to feel less scared in the night.

I’ll see you on the other side in the Guardian.

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