Forza Horizon 5 Bonus Boards Guide | How To get XP and Fast Travel Boards

There are Forza Horizon 5 bonus boards all over the map. Here’s where to find them all.

You may have come across bonus boards while exploring Forza Horizon 5. There are two kinds of bonus boards available in the game: Fast Travel bonus boards and XP. They can be found all over the map.

The XP bonus boards reward you with XP you can use in order to get wheelspins. While Fast Travel bonus boards lower the cost of Fast Travel, you will still be rewarded. Below is a map showing all the locations of Forza Horizon 5.

What is Forza Horizon 5

Playground Games has created Forza Horizon 5, a racing game that you won’t be able to stop playing. You’ll always have something to do when driving the car. You can wreck the landscape with these fast cars but you cannot destroy all of them. However, you can still destroy the xp bonus boards or xp boards.

Destruction of private property is encouraged

Forza horizon 5 comes with 250 bonus boards. You can smash them and run over them with your car. By doing so, you will receive boosts in your progression. XP boards award 1,000, 3,000 and 5,000 experience points. You can also reduce the cost for fast travel by $200 each time you destroy a fast travel board. Teleporting to another location will cost you $10,000 by default. You can decrease this cost until it’s completely free. You can find our Forza Horizon 5 bonus board guide here to help you with all your XP and fast travel boards within Forza Horizon 5.

There are fewer of them than XP boards and the reward is very useful early in the game. Here’s every fast travel board on the map: click to enlarge + 3 All of the fast travel bonus xp boards in Forza Horizon 5 The XP boards are useful too. They help you earn levels which gives you wheelspins.

XP and Fast Travel Boards Map | Forza Horizon 5 Bonus Boards

Below are several images of Forza Horizon 5’s world map. You can also see the XP and fast travel board that you can find. These markers will not appear unless you are within the area. We do offer the Treasure Map DLC which shows all locations. We’ve got everything covered so you won’t have to purchase it.

Northwestern Section of the map

Southwestern section of the map

Northern section of the map

Central section of the map

Southern section of the map

Northeastern section of the map

Eastern section of the map

Southeastern section of the map

There are a total of 200 XP boards in Forza Horizon 5, and you will have to break them in order to earn XP. As you get more wheelspins via these XP boards, you will ultimately have more money and cars in Forza Horza 5.

There are 50 Fast Travel boards in Forza Horizon 5, which is a lot less in number in comparison to the XP boards. These can be extremely helpful for you if you fast travel a lot by 200 credits which will save a lot of money for you.

Forza Horizon 5 Bonus Boards | What to expect while driving around

Generally speaking, Forza Horizon 5’s fast travel and xp boards locations should not be a problem. They are easily visible while driving. There are some cases that go against the grain.

The boards are usually under bridges when you drive along them.

These objects are also found on some cliffsides. These objects can be smashed into if you make your way to them. You should also avoid using Photo Mode as it can cause your car’s to phase through an object without completing the count.

Some buildings have gaps that let you squeeze through with your car.

Certain spots are accessible via ramps

You may find a board between obstacles in some locations like barns or stables. As you can see in the picture below, it is possible to squeeze through gaps to get there.

There are still a few things that may be confusing. In the next section of this Forza Horizon 5 XP guide, we’ll list some more.

Some Hard to Reach XP and Fast Travel Boards | Forza Horizon 5 Bonus Boards

5,000 XP board (Airplane in Horizon Festival Mexico)

Unlock PR Stunts so you can use ramps.

To unlock PR Stunts, you must complete the Horizon Rush Canyon Expedition. You will then be able to access this board by using makeshift ramps.

Fast travel board (Near Mulege/Casa Bella player house)

Get serious hangtime to reach this rooftop.

This area is surrounded by hills. To land on the roof with the fast travel board, you should aim to reach the edge of the slopes at 160 kph. It is possible to overshoot your landing. If this happens, just rewind the video and do it again.

Fast travel board (Near Costa Rocosa)

Another big jump.

Drive up the hill to the north of your house. Place your car so that it faces the board. Reverse the direction and press on the pedal to cause your car’s slope to jump.

5,000 XP board (San Sebastian)

A short climb followed by a quick drop.

This object can be found on a roof. To reach the object, climb the hill behind it.

5,000 XP board (Cascadas de Agua Azul)

Time for a swim?

This one is hidden behind a waterfall. When you are near a bonus board in Forza Horizon 5, turn off your car radio and listen to the board music to find it easily.

5,000 XP board (South of Fuera del Camino Trail)

Who knew that a tiny slope would lead to a ridiculous jump?

Like the other items, this, too, is on a rooftop. Look for a little slope in the grasslands to the south. Back up, then push the pedal to the metal. You might overshoot your landing, so just keep trying.

5,000 XP board (The Eliminator/Valle de Las Ranas)

You can hit the rock pillar next to the XP board to stop your momentum.

Loop around the hilltop once you have seen the marker. Your car can jump across the gap and hit the rockpillar. This should cause your car to roll over the XP board and smash it.

5,000 XP board (The Eliminator/Hotel Mirador Balderrama)

Take the high road.

Drive to the road overlooking this hut. Then, drop down at around 50 kph so you don’t fall too far below. (All fast travel boards locations in the map (Image via Playground Games) With all of the fast travel boards untouched, fast travel costs a hefty sum of 10,000 Credits each time. Smashing all of the fast travel boards essentially makes fast travel free, enabling players to maneuver across the huge map in a breeze.)

5,000 XP board (West of Lugar Tranquilo)

Use the sand dune as a ramp.

This area is currently under construction. A slope should be visible that you can use for a ramp.

5,000 XP board (Large building in Palacio Azul del Oceano)

Another long jump.

You can still use momentum to go downhill by backing up. Once you reach the slope, your speed should be between 190 and 200 km/h. This will take you all the the way to the rooftop.

5,000 XP forza horizon 5 bonus boards (Hotel balcony in Palacio Azul del Oceano)

This one requires you to complete the Canyon Expedition first.

To unlock PR Stunts, complete the Horizon Rush Canyon Expedition. The Danger activity should appear northeast of the XP board. You should be able to zip through the air until it reaches the balcony.

5,000 XP board (Sierra Verde Dam)

Use the ramp and hit the side of the building.

There’s a small slope that can be used as a ramp.

5,000 XP board (Electric tower northeast of Mulege/Casa Bella player house)

Run to the hills. Run for your lives.

Like the jumps above, you will need a car with a lot of power to climb the hill. You will fly all the way to and from the electric tower. Map with Fast Travel Board Locations!

Forza Horizon 5 Bonus Boards Map – FAQs

1. What’s the Forza Horizon game all about?

Playground Games has developed Forza Horizon 5, a racing game that you won’t be bored driving in.

2. What should the rules be?

You will be required to complete tasks when driving the car.

3. How do you get your bonus points?

While you can wreck the landscape with these fast and beautiful cars, you still can’t take out all of them. However, you can still destroy the bonus boards.

4. What number of points will you be able to sustain the game?

This will allow you to get many boosts to your xp boards locations, and will give you points such as 1000-3000 or 5000.

5. What is the total number of points you will receive for smashing cars?

Forza Horizon 5 offers 250 bonus boards. You can smash them and destroy them by driving your car over.

6. Is the travel board going to reduce the cost of traveling?

The travel board will also reduce fast travel costs by $200.

7. What is an XP board in Forza Horizon?

These are the bonus boards, which are fast travel boards locations with xp boards locations. Both maps can be found throughout the site and each will serve its own purpose. They help you earn levels which gives you wheelspins. More wheelspins means more money and more cars!

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In Conclusion

It’s a joy to travel through the open world of Forza Horizon 5. Mexico’s stunning scenery is breathtaking. Participating in races and events is what keeps the campaign running, but side activities in open world are just as important. These include smashing all the bonus boards and xp boards.

In addition to this, another tip for finding bonus boards is that they play music. When you are near a bonus board in Forza Horizon 5, turn off your car radio and listen to the board music to find it easily.

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