Now Dolmen on xbox consoles!

Xbox, Dolmen, Multiplayer, and You. Now you can enjoy Dolmen on xbox consoles

In the weeks leading up to the release of Dolmen this morning in the Xbox One and Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S We were able to discuss more in depth with our community members regarding the decisions we made regarding this project. A major and intriguing and controversial issues, based on the variety of opinions we heard on the subject was the decision to introduce the multiplayer mode exclusively for boss battles.

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One might initially believe that this is a secure option or would need less effort from developers, but that’s not the scenario. If we’re talking about a horror game one of the primary factors that should be taken into consideration is the feeling of loneliness. It is a frequently utilized catalyst to increase an individual’s anxiety and fear.

Imagine, for instance you are hearing an unusual sound at home as you eat the meal with your loved ones. It’s certainly alarming but hearing those bizarre noises in your home while you’re alone is even more terrifying and real terror begins to creep in. Similar is the case with games that are based on horror. The idea of entering a foreign and hostile environment filled with bizarre creatures, sounds , and even events could be frightening However, when the adventure is performed with three others the fear and excitement is reduced, and it is a stroll in the park , especially when they’re on a higher in the game than you are and dressed in grand equipment!

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It wouldn’t be much more simple to just take multiplayer and turn it into an authentic test of strength and ability? Yes, it would certainly be simpler… however, it’s not a good idea.

One of the things we discovered many years ago at the Xbox gathering at BGS (Brazil Game Show) was the importance of building an environment of community around our games. Xbox is a part of Microsoft has a strategy that is not just to provide services, but to promote inclusion and create interactions that are beneficial for all.

Dolmen gameplay

Writing blogs, creating collaborations with developers, journalists and professional players, distributors representatives, and of obviously, multiplayer games are all examples of ways to connect people. What would basketball and football be if they were not broadcast to a larger audience than those who play? What would these sports look like without games and cooperation between players? Also, what could the gaming industry look like in the absence of multiplayer games to create fantastic communities?

We were adamant about this idea and are grateful to Xbox for sharing this idea. We’re hoping to be a part of the development of the community while not reducing the terror that is coming in Revion Prime. Come back soon!

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